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We help groomers do what they love without worrying about finding clients

What Is AURA Pets Care?

AURA Pets Care is a special online marketplace
that connects pet owners who want to take care of their dogs or cats
with grooming professionals

Stress-free way to income increase

AURA offers professional groomers an easy, relatively stress-free way to income increase, and getting new clients. Also, AURA provides software that facilitates communication with clients.

Profitable finance model

AURA charges a service fee for each service for the client which covers the cost of running the platform and service advertising costs.

Accredited Groomer Professional

There is also another payment model, which is available from the third month of work in the service,
the subscription fee of an accredited professional in a particular city.

What we do for Groomers

Modern platform

AURA provides professional groomers with a modern platform to post information about themselves, their services and their professional experience.

Active promote

AURA actively promotes the personal pages of Groomers-Professionals accredited in the service, using modern online marketing and advertising in search engines.

Why join us?

Modern convenient service

Flexible working hours with clients

Growth of your income

Follow our steps, we will help you

Short questionnaire

About 5 minutes

Fill your services

About 15 minutes


About 5 minutes

Choose a time to work

About 5 minutes

After you fill in the data in your personal account,
AURA Pets Care will do the following to start your work in the service:

Prepare your personal page

In 2 days we will prepare your personal page. We’ll notify you by email when it’s ready. Example of Grummer’s page:
View groomer landing page

Launches the promotion

We launch the promotion of your services in your city and new customers will contact you.

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