Company Info

Name: AURA Services

Legal Name: Individual Entrepreneur Anatolii Kurochkin

Identification Code: 302220549

Registration Date: 30/05/2022

Registering Authority: LEPL National Agency of Public Registry

Legal Address: 0151, Georgia, Tbilisi, Chugureti district, Lochini street, N 3, floor 2, apartment N 5

Business Address: 0151, Georgia,  Tbilisi, Chugureti district, Lochini street, N3

Phone:+972 55 966 1194

AURA Services, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, is a platform that mediates between local partner performers and clients and focused on short-term local services.

AURA do marketing and local advertisement to promote local partner performers.

The company acts as a broker and charges a commission from local partner performers for promotion of each service for clients.